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Foreign Donors Give Millions to Hillary Clinton Non-Profit

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has found herself in hot water after it was revealed that millions of dollars from foreign donors flowed to her non-profit organization, The Clinton Foundation, while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

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Hispanic Community Helping Undocumented Migrants

President Barack Obama’s asked Congress for almost $4 billion to help handle the surge of migrants illegally crossing the border. The influx of undocumented migrants, many of them children has revived debate over immigration reform.

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U.S.-Cuba Restore Diplomatic Ties

A restoration of full diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba set to have a significant economic impact on the Cuban economy, and the U.S. would benefit from the thawing of relations too.

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World Bank Lowers China’s Growth Forecast

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank hold annual meetings in Washington, D.C. at a time China’s economic engine continues to slow and growth forecasts are lowered.

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Many Developing Countries Near Bankruptcy

The inability of governments to pay back debt can have serious economic ripple effects around the world. Argentina has defaulted for the second time in 13 years and many developing countries face similar challenges.

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Blogging Proves To Be Big Business

Not too long ago the word ‘blogging’ was considered quite the dirty word. A space where hundreds of thousands of people offered their unedited opinions. Fast forward to today and the business of blogging is booming, particularly in the world of fashion.

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‘India’s Daughter’ Highlights Violence Against Women

The film, ‘India’s Daughter’ is currently banned in India. It includes a powerful and detailed account from the jailed rapist himself. It’s a documentary that’s not only close to the hearts of many Indians, but has also struck a chord with people around the world.

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Research Shows Ivy League Schools May Not Be Worth It

While the importance of a college education is something most experts agree on, the value of going to an elite college continues to be a widely debated issue. New research shows that the race to get into an Ivy League may not be worth it.

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China-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty Priority

High on the Obama administration’s S&ED agenda is a bilateral investment treaty between the U.S. and China, resulting in more openness and investment for the world’s two biggest economies.

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Nations Angry as U.S. Stalls IMF Reforms

China, Russia and other major developing nations are angry about a delay in Washington that has blocked reforms plan that would give them a bigger voting share at the IMF.

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